• DOJO - Gellilydan Village Hall. Gwynedd. LL41 4EF

  • WEDNESDAY - 7-9pm: KYOKUSHIN KNOCKDOWN KARATE - Traditional Japanese Kyokushinkai Karate & Knockdown Full Contact 'No Glove' Fighting.

  • SATURDAY - 10.30-11.30am: KUDO (Toude Jutsu) - Tsuyoi-Kakuto. Japanese Kickboxing & All Round Fighting (Stand-up Striking, Throw, Grapple).

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  • Mas Oyamas 11 Budo Mottos: The Martial Way begins and ends with courtesy. Therefore, be properly and genuinely courteous at all times.

  • Following the Martial Way is like scaling a cliff - Continue upwards without rest. It demands absolute and unfaltering devotion to the task at hand.

  • Strive to seize the initiative in all things, all the time guarding against actions stemming from selfish animosity or thoughtlessness.

  • Even for the Martial Artist, the place of money cannot be ignored. Yet one should be careful never to become attached to it

  • The Martial Way is centered on posture. Strive to maintain correct posture at all times.

  • The Martial Way begins with one thousand days and is mastered after ten thousand days of training.

  • In the Martial Arts, introspection begets wisdom. Always see contemplation on your actions as an opportunity to improve.

  • The nature and purpose of the Martial Way is universal. All selfish desires should be roasted in the tempering fires of hard training.

  • he Martial Arts begin with a point and end in a circle. Straight lines stem from this principal.

  • The true essence of the martial way can only be realised through experience. Knowing this, learn never to fear its demand.

  • Always remember: In the Martial Arts, the rewards of a confident and grateful heart are truly abundant.

OUR DOJO - Gellilydan Village Hall. Gwynedd. LL41 4EF


Knockdown ELITE Our Retail Shop: http://www.knockdownelite.co.uk

Welcome to Elite Fighting Arts. The ONLY place to practice Kyokushinkai and Kudo in North Wales. KYOKUSHIN (meaning Ultimate Truth) or Kyokushinkai is a style of Karate known as the strongest style and was developed in the 1950s by Masutatsu Oyama. At Elite Fighting Arts, our primary fighting style is Kyokushinkai & Knockdown - Full contact no glove fighting.

We have incorporated a Muay Thai Kickboxing & fitness programme, sponsored by TUFF Camp, Thailand. We have also introduced the Japanese MMA style; KUDO. Differing from Western MMA in that a Gi or uniform is worn, along with the use of head-butts & elbows making this separate sport. We use a mix of Japanese standup full contact Knockdown fighting & Kickboxing, Jujutsu (Jiujitsu) & Persian Koshti Wrestling & strength training methods.

We do not consider ourselves a modern style MMA gym but focus on the Budo mixed fighting striking & grappling methods with modern concepts, our foundation rooted in Kyokushinkai.

We offer training in the following disciplines; some of the worlds toughest standup fighting systems:





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