Kagemusha Dojo Challenge

The Kagemusha Challenge is a personal challenge offered to Blackbelt students at Elite Fighting Arts.

Kagemusha means Shadow Warrior.  A title awarded to a student completing a 30man full contact Kumite. Successful students will be awarded a black Dogi (training uniform) & only these select students are permitted to wear the black Gi during training.
A white Gi is traditional particularly in Japanese Karate, black Gi are not often worn in Kyokushin, or other Japanese Dojo, but is more an Okinawan Karate tradition. Note that Omid also first trained in Tsuyoi-Ryu, with strong links to Okinawan Karate.

The recognition of the black Dogi is a well established tradition at DKK (Daigaku Karate Kai) Okinawan Goju-Ryu dojo, under Shihan Gavin Mulholland, who has kindly permitted Elite Fighting Arts to adopt this tradition, after our dojo assisted with the preparation of a DKK member in the successful completion of the 30 Man Kumite.


The test is NOT a grading requirement and is to be used as a personal test only, it is not compulsory. Only black belts over the age of 18 are permitted to attempt the test. All fights must be 1 minute & 30 seconds long, time may only be reduced if ippon (knockdown) is scored. 

Knockdown or Kudo, either Combudo; with no head punches/head-butts, or Full Kudo rules may apply (according to fighters choice, it does not matter what style the applicant is graded, they can select the rule set for their test)

The fighter cannot be assisted if downed by a strike during the test, the fighter must be ready to fight again if downed by a strike within 10 seconds or the test will be ended, even if this is during the final fight.
The opponent fighters must be of adequate experience. While grade is not a requirement opponents should have a minimum of 2 years training experience. There will be a water break offered of 2 minutes following the 10th & 20th fights, if required. No other rests between bouts are permitted.
No protection can be worn on the hands with the exception of minimal wrapping or tape, anklets or shin & instep pads are allowed but not compulsory, a gum shield is permitted. The use of a knockdown approved female breast guard is compulsory for ladies attempting the test. Standard groin guard or cup is permitted. Kudo headgear & mitts may ONLY be worn if applicant is fighting FULL Kudo rules.


Upon successful completion, the fighter will be awarded a certificate to recognise the achievement & a specially created black Dogi, or uniform. 

The Gi will be fully embroidered with our Dojo Badge (no style) & will also include the fighters name in Katakana on the lapel of the Gi. 

The fighter will be sponsored by Knockdown ELITE Martial Arts Suppliers & the Dogi will be supplied by us as a gift from the Dojo. All successful fighters will be recorded below. Osu

30 Man Kumite (fights) Training & Highlight.

Unedited Footage of Francisco Filhos 30 Man Kumite.



Successful Participants of the Kagemusha Dojo Challenge:

Omid Khademzadeh - 20/08/2017

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Training Times:

Gellilydan Village Hall.
Gwynedd. Wales. LL41 4EF

Kyokushinkai - Ultimate Karate 7.00-8.00pm
Knockdown Fighting & Fitness    8.00-9.00pm
Kudo - Japanese MMA            10.00-11.00am
Fight Club… TBC for 2024

Training Costs:

Pay as You Train Fees:
£5.00 per session. (Live/Face to Face).
£3.00 per session. (Online/Zoom).

Pre-Pay Monthly Fees:
£20 per month. (Live/Face to Face).
£30 per month including Fight Club
£10 per month. (Online/Zoom).

121 Classes by Prior Appointment:
£20 per hour. (Live/Face to Face).
£15 per hour. (Online/Zoom).

Insurance & Affiliations:
Annual NAKMAS Licence & Insurance Fee. This includes your £10 million liability & £500 dental insurance. Also includes Kudo (Japanese MMA) KIF Membership:

£30 per year.