Nidan - 2nd Dan

Kyu images have been reproduced from the book Traditional Kyokushin Karate with kind permission of the author Sensei Piotr Szeligowski 4th Dan


Kanku-Dai, Gekisai-Sho, Seienchin, Pinan-Sono-Ichi in Ura.




As directed by examining panel.


It is expected that the candidate must have national or international Tournament experience (fighting or support), together with a good standard of technique and all round fighting ability.

Qualifications as a judge in Clicker and Knockdown will be considered.

The candidates character and general abilities as an instructor will be taken into consideration.

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EFA Training Times:

Thai Kickboxing & Open Gym 8 - 9pm

Kyokushinkai Karate 7 - 8pm
Knockdown Fighting & Fitness 8 - 9pm

Tsuyoi-Kakuto, Japanese MMA 10 - 11am

Juniors from age 5 years - 15 years
Seniors from age 16 years +

More Kickboxing & Karate classes available. Please refer to Instructors page.

EFA Training Costs:

1st Session Free!!

Pay as You Train Fees:
£5 per session.

Pre-Pay Monthly Fees:
£15 per month - 5-16yrs.
£25 per month - 16yrs +

NOTE: Licenced EFA members may train at WIBK Thanet & Thanet KJK at no extra cost.