Omid Khademzadeh

Chief Instructor of Elite Fighting Arts, MrOmid Khademzadeh was born December 20th 1980 to an Iranian father (Mostafa Khademzadeh) and English mother (Georgie Fairman). He began his martial art career on Wednesday the 1st of August 1990 under the instruction of Hanshi (professor) Rev. Joe Ellis, who was then a 2nd Dan, in Tsuyoi-Ryu Karate (meaning powerful school). The Karate style is a Shotokan-Kyokushin derivative, with Okinawa Goju-Ryu roots. Founded by Kancho (founder) Gerry Bryan 10th Dan. 

Hanshi Ellis was originally a student of Kancho Bernard Creton, who was placed 6th in the 2nd Kyokushinkai World Tournament. Hanshi Ellis later joined JKA Shotokan before heading the Kent Karate Schools under Tsuyoi-Ryu before forming the National Governing Body NAKMAS. It was at this juncture that Omid joined.

In 1992, Omid was awarded the NAKMAS Student of the Year, the same year he was selected for the junior international fighting team.

In 1994, he became Shodan (1st Dan) Omid began teaching his own group in local schools & church halls in 1998 called Tsuyoi-Jutsu-Kai (meaning the society for the application/method of power). In 1999 Omid began training in Kyokushinkai with the BKK (British Karate Kyokushinkai) under the guidance of world Karate legend, Hanshi Steve Arneil 10th Dan at the formidable Crystal Palace Dojo. Omid remained a student of Tsuyoi-Ryu during this time, obtaining Nidan (2nd Dan) in July of 2000. Omids 1st full time Dojo was opened shortly after, on the 16th October 2000. By 2002 he had 50 licensed members.

By 2003, he had officially joined the BKK and closed his existing clubs to concentrate on his own karate training with a view to re-open another school under the banner of Kyokushinkai and the BKK/IFK. He also continued to train under the instruction of Hanshi Steve Arneil.

Omid represented the BKK in a demonstration of Kata Tensho in the 3rd IFK world tournament in Oct 2005 (the video of the Tensho demo can be seen on our Kata videos) and also begun teaching again in 2005, but successfully re-opened his own dojo under the name of Kyokushin Academy on the 7th June 2006, by the request and backing of Hanshi Steve Arneil 10th Dan. A new full-time dojo opened on the 20th October 2008.

In 2012 Omid travelled to Thailand and trained in Muay Thai at TUFF camp and trained with Muay Thai fighter and legend Kru Orono, attributed as being within the top 10 Muay Thai fighters of all time. (Click on name for highlight) Orono Por. Muangubon. As a result of this relationship the Kyokushin Academy became an official partner camp for the Muay Thai - TUFF brand. 

Elite Fighting Arts & the Kyokushin Academy, re-affiliated with NAKMAS in 2016, Omid attained 3rd Dan, and title of Sensei in Kyokushinkai on the 10th April 2016 and completed our Kagemusha Challenge, 30 Man Kumite (fight test) on the 20th August 2017. Omid moved to Eryri (Snowdonia) with his family in October 2020. Omid aligned with Kudo Japan in 2022, under Kudo Mal Sanchez-Jones at Goshin & Kudo Academy in Barry, supported by Mark Spencer (Spenna) of Bradford SBG MMA to further progress the club, giving new opportunities in the stand-up fighting arts. Omid continues to train and teach and offer training camps and seminars in the heart of North Wales

Current Grades:

1st Dan - Tsuyoi Karate (Graded: 1994 )
1st Dan - Aiki-Jujutsu (Graded: 1996)
2nd Dan - Tsuyoi-Ryu (Graded: 2000)
3rd Dan - Kyokushinkai Karate (Graded: 2016)
6th Kyu - Kudo Japanese MMA (Graded: 2022)

Should you wish to contact Omid directly please call or text on Mobile: +44 7830 262 709

Classes also available via Zoom.
Omid Khademzadeh & Elite Fighting Arts, Full NAKMAS Affiliate. Accredited Safe Kids Campaign.

Hanshi Rev. Joe Ellis - Omids Tsuyoi-Ryu & first instructor. Hanshi Steve Arneil - 10th Dan, training with Sai. Omids Kyokushinkai instructor. Hanshi and Omid at Summer Camp 2007.

Omid fighting at the Undisputed 3 Cage Fight Knockdown Rules 2010

Omid with Actor and Kyokushin Sensei - Dolph Lundgren.
Omid training at Muay Thai TUFF camp Thailand with Kru. Orono Por Muangubon 2012.


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Training Times:

Gellilydan Village Hall.
Gwynedd. Wales. LL41 4EF

Kyokushinkai - Ultimate Karate 7.00-8.00pm
Knockdown Fighting & Fitness    8.00-9.00pm
Kudo - Japanese MMA            10.00-11.00am
Fight Club… TBC for 2024

Training Costs:

Pay as You Train Fees:
£5.00 per session. (Live/Face to Face).
£3.00 per session. (Online/Zoom).

Pre-Pay Monthly Fees:
£20 per month. (Live/Face to Face).
£30 per month including Fight Club
£10 per month. (Online/Zoom).

121 Classes by Prior Appointment:
£20 per hour. (Live/Face to Face).
£15 per hour. (Online/Zoom).

Insurance & Affiliations:
Annual NAKMAS Licence & Insurance Fee. This includes your £10 million liability & £500 dental insurance. Also includes Kudo (Japanese MMA) KIF Membership:

£30 per year.