Club/Dojo Rules


  • When entering or leaving the Dojo, always face the inside, bow and say "Osu". When arriving before class.
  • When late to class, kneel at the side of the class in Seiza and wait with your eyes closed in Mokuso. When acknowledged, remain in Seiza and bow with a strong Osu and quickly join the back of the class. Always try to be on time.
  • Listen carefully to the instructors directions. Remember that the instructor will not ask you to do what he or she may think you cannot do. Acknowledge all instructions with a strong Osu.
  • When asked to proceed to a position, or when lining up at the beginning of training or for some reason during training, always move as quickly as possible - do not stroll.
  • Do not break rank for any reason without permission from the instructor. Never walk between rows, or between the instructor and those training. This can result in accidental injury. If you must leave your position, walk behind the row you are in to either side of the class then proceed from there.
  • Do not swear, laugh, giggle, talk, lounge or act inattentively during training. Treat your training seriously; it is not a laughing matter. A Karate-ka is always alert and well behaved. Do no waste your time and everyone elses if you are not prepared to treat your training and fellow Karate-ka with respect and the seriousness deserved. This includes leaving before the end of training. Unless directed by the instructor, a student should remain in the class until completion of the final bow-out.
  • Kneel on your right knee to adjust or re-tie you belt (Obi). Turn to the right, away from the front of the class, or from your partner if you are working with someone, to adjust your uniform (Do-Gi). Learn to respect your uniform & belt as a symbol of your efforts in training.
  • Your Do-Gi must be washed clean and neat at all times. Your belt should be aired dry not washed, as it symbolically contains the spirit of your hard training.
  • Keep your toenails and fingernails clean and cut short at all times. Always be sure your feet, nails and hands are washed clean for training. In training you often work closely with others. Nobody likes to train with someone who is dirty.
  • Be sure to go to the toilet prior to training. An accidental blow to a full bladder can be extremely dangerous. Try also to remember that it is not good for the body to train on a full stomach, so avoid eating for at least one hour before class starts
  • Do not remove any part of your Do-Gi during training without being told to do so.
  • Never practice Kumite (free-fighting) unless an instructor is present.
  • For the sake of safety and neatness, do not wear jewellery during training, or when you are wearing your Do-Gi.

  • Remember, Karate begins & ends with respect. Your instructors, seniors & other students, whoever they may be, should be treated with the respect that you yourself would expect as common courtesy. If you cannot find it in you to show respect to a person who is taking their time to teach you & train with you, then you do not belong in a Karate Dojo.


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Training Times:

Gellilydan Village Hall.
Gwynedd. Wales. LL41 4EF

Kyokushinkai - Ultimate Karate 7.00-8.00pm
Knockdown Fighting & Fitness    8.00-9.00pm
Kudo - Japanese MMA            10.00-11.00am
Fight Club… TBC for 2024

Training Costs:

Pay as You Train Fees:
£5.00 per session. (Live/Face to Face).
£3.00 per session. (Online/Zoom).

Pre-Pay Monthly Fees:
£20 per month. (Live/Face to Face).
£30 per month including Fight Club
£10 per month. (Online/Zoom).

121 Classes by Prior Appointment:
£20 per hour. (Live/Face to Face).
£15 per hour. (Online/Zoom).

Insurance & Affiliations:
Annual NAKMAS Licence & Insurance Fee. This includes your £10 million liability & £500 dental insurance. Also includes Kudo (Japanese MMA) KIF Membership:

£30 per year.