9th Kyu - Kyokushin

Students will need to have a knowledge of the following :

  • History of Kyokushinkai Karate.

Kyu images have been reproduced from the book Traditional Kyokushin Karate with kind permission of the author Sensei Piotr Szeligowski 4th Dan





Sanbon Kumite

Attack - (1) Seiken-Oi-Tsuki-Jodan (2) Seiken-Oi-Tsuki Chudan (3) Seiken-Oi-Tsuki-Gedan

Defence & Counter Attack - (1) Seiken-Jodan-Uke (2) Seiken-Chudan-Soto-Uke (3) Seiken-Mae-Gedan Barai, followed by Seiken-Gyaku-Tsuki-Chudan then block again with Seiken-Mae-Gedan-Barai.


Seiken-Gyaku-Tsuki (Chudan or Jodan).
Mae-Geri-Chudan-Chusoku, return and cover.


20 Seiken push ups.
20 Sit-ups.
20 Killers.


Students will be tested for their ability on the above techniques standing and also moving in Kokutsu-Dachi and Sanchin-Dachi.

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Training Times:

Gellilydan Village Hall.
Gwynedd. Wales. LL41 4EF

Kyokushinkai - Ultimate Karate 7.00-8.00pm
Knockdown Fighting & Fitness    8.00-9.00pm
Kudo - Japanese MMA            10.00-11.00am
Fight Club… TBC for 2024

Training Costs:

Pay as You Train Fees:
£5.00 per session. (Live/Face to Face).
£3.00 per session. (Online/Zoom).

Pre-Pay Monthly Fees:
£20 per month. (Live/Face to Face).
£30 per month including Fight Club
£10 per month. (Online/Zoom).

121 Classes by Prior Appointment:
£20 per hour. (Live/Face to Face).
£15 per hour. (Online/Zoom).

Insurance & Affiliations:
Annual NAKMAS Licence & Insurance Fee. This includes your £10 million liability & £500 dental insurance. Also includes Kudo (Japanese MMA) KIF Membership:

£30 per year.